Friday, November 20, 2015

'Whals in the Woods: We are Family

So family photos. They certainly aren't a fan favourite, but I'm going to venture a guess and say that they're some of the most meaningful photos you'll take on your wedding day.

At this point in the day we had been taking photos for over an hour. We had to draw the line at nuclear families and grandparents, because otherwise we'd basically be taking pictures with half of the wedding guests. So, we arranged for a pre-wedding photo opportunity with the family and then it was time to take a break from the camera spotlight and prep for our ceremony.

All photos captured by Isos Photography

First up was my side of the family.

 I am fortunate enough to have had three of my grandparents attend our wedding. My mom's parents looking incredible as always.

and my dad's mother, my Babcia! Babcia loves Mr. Narwhal. She once told him that he's her pride and joy. :D

The following picture makes my heart just burst (how many times have I said that in my recaps already? Anyone keeping a tally?) A few weeks before I met Mr. Narwhal I was at my cabin with my dad and he told me he was waiting for his son-in-law (tear). Mr. Narwhal doesn't have a relationship with his dad - so with my dad having lost his son in 2007, and Mr. Narwhal without a relationship with his real dad, a really special bond has formed between these two. And, well, it makes my heart burst. 

Next up, was Mr. Narwhal's family. 

And for the same reasons above, this picture with GM Bro, heart burst.

Mr. Narwhal with his momma and stepdad.

GM Bro's family - with their five amazing children. 

One big happy family :)

Next, we get ready for the ceremony to begin!

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