Thursday, October 29, 2015

Whal's in the Woods: The Day Before

The week of the wedding was busy, but so much fun. Friends and family were arriving, our house was full, and things were getting really really real.  We were monitoring the weather situation that over the course of two weeks went from the best forecast ever to slightly scary.

All photos personal. 

The day before the wedding was a complete blast. While the boys had tasks like picking up rentals, setting up the white lights and last minute touches... our day involved nails and flowers. 

You might remember us taking on the task of growing our own flowers. I mentioned in that post that we knew it was important to have back-up plans in place, and while I don't like to admit defeat, the back-up plan ended up being totally necessary. 

Things started to get a little crazy with planning, and while our garden was doing fairly well, we had a deer messing with things. In talking to my friend that had offered up her garden, she told us not to worry about our flowers, and that she had us covered. At this point in the preparing for our wedding day, I was willing to take all of the help I could get, and adding my garden to the eff it list was easier than worrying about a deer munching on my favourite flowers.

So, the day before the wedding was a day I had been looking forward to for months. It was flower and nail day. Really, it can't get better than that (you know, minus the actual wedding day). 

I told all the bridesmaids that their nails were not a priority, and if they wanted to join for an appointment they were more than welcome to, and if they wanted to paint them at home, that was totally cool as well. MOH Cass, BM Megs and my mom ended up joining me at the salon and our appointments also lined up with Mr. Narwhal's mom and sister in law. 

Momma Narwhal getting her manicure

Unintentionally ending up with ombre nails 

After our nail appointment, I could hardly contain my excitement. With buckets and scissors in tow, we were ready to cut flowers. We met up at my friend Kailey's house, and were joined by my Ciocia (aunt) and BMan J's girlfriend. Kailey and her mom have a gardening business and their gardens are no joke. Cutting flowers in the sunshine was definitely my version of spending the day at the spa. 

My Ciocia having a blast

MOH Cass, BM Megs and I in a car full of flowers

After we got home it was arranging time. I did my bouquet first, followed by the bridesmaids. I left my bouquet loose, as I had a few flowers coming in the morning to slightly match my bouquet to my flower crown.

After we finished the bridal party bouquets, we moved onto the table flowers. I mainly worked on these all day, with lots of help spread throughout the property working on other areas of set-up.

Around 5pm the wedding party started to arrive. Although we didn't have a formal dinner planned (we had the rehearsal breakfast in the morning), we still wanted to get everyone together to go over the schedule for the next day and share some food. We ended up having a complete smorgasbord of a dinner - food from Momma Narwhal's restaurant, BBQ, salads and pizza. It was the perfect day to kick off the wedding festivities.  

We went to bed at a half decent hour, ready for our wedding day to finally arrive! 

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