Friday, November 13, 2015

'Whals in the Woods: Just Us

Mr. Narwhal and I have different opinions on the value of photographs. He has a passion for taking pictures of nature and scenery (which he's actually very talented at). While I really love and appreciate nature photographs, I have a soft spot for pictures of people. There's a debate in our home on the balance of pictures of just us we can have on display. Mr. Narwhal doesn't like to have pictures of us up, while I look at old photos and am flooded with the amazing memories associated with the moment that photo was taken. The picture of us on our first weekend away, the one of us at the best concert we ever went to, the one moments after we got engaged and one of our favourites from our engagement photos. Best hits people, that's all I've been able to negotiate thus far.

These photos of us in the couple hours leading up to our ceremony fill my heart with love and take me to that exact moment where excitement was high, smiles were huge and we were experiencing the best day of our life. I may only be able to compromise one of these pictures on the wall, but you better believe they'll be printed in a beautiful photo book that I'll eventually tatter the pages of from looking at so often. I think of sitting with our children and grandchildren in the future proudly showing these photos of this perfect day.

After our first look, we wandered around in the forest together to grab a few photos and we actually exchanged our rings. You may recall that we decided to not to include our ring exchange in our ceremony, because we wanted the symbol of our marriage to be held by our hand fasting ceremony instead of on something physical. I also didn't want to be concerned about the frequency of Mr. Narwhal wearing his ring (which, is funny now because he wears it all of the time!). 

Oh these photos. How I cherish them. 

All photos captured by Isos Photography.

And because I don't want to have two posts of just photos of us, here are a couple we also captured right after our ceremony.

How many photos do you have on display in your home? How did you choose which wedding photo(s) to display?

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