Tuesday, November 17, 2015

'Whals in the Woods: All of Us Together

I know big wedding parties aren't for everyone. I know it's a lot of personalities to manage, it's busy, it's crazy and well, a lot of people. I can tell you though I don't have a single ounce of regret on the size of our group. We had a lot of reactions to the size of our party (they don't call it a party for nothing!), but we always said, "We have a lot of friends, and we just didn't see it any other way."

Wedding parties are the people that you want to spend the whole day celebrating with. There is a lot of time leading up to the actual ceremony while getting ready, and having those people together in one room? The best ever.

We all just had such a blast, and when the sixteen of us all merged together? I think it's hard not to see how much fun we had. So, if you would like a large wedding party, go for it! The more the merrier.

One thing I would think about in the middle of the night was how the whole look would come together with the large group. We had a lot going on, and in the end I love how it all turned out. The boys all looked so dapper, and the ladies looked beautiful!

Anyone else just want to live in their wedding day?

All (of the many!!) photos captured by Isos Photography

So, there is a bit of a story to the next two photos. You may recall that we gifted all of the boys with socks for the wedding, and well GM Bro forgot to bring his after breakfast. So, the pictures were just that much more funny to look at as a result! I can't look at this pictures without a massive cheesy grin. And, yes side note I want to fix his tie in every picture :D 

 I love my dad poking his head in on this photo :)

We kind of have a thing for the serious face photos.

And, the funny face photos...

Pretty sure Nelson is hiding behind BM's dress in this one ;)

Three of my favourite boys in one picture together!

And these two photos give me a big puffy heart. I love this ladies so much. They made our engagement so special and kept me sane! 

Are you happy with how your wedding party vision came together? 

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