Friday, November 6, 2015

Whal's in the Woods: Garden Head

As you may recall, the decision to wear a flower crown came after a lot of deliberation. Since we had alternative plans for the flowers, I decided this was one thing I definitely wanted to hire out for. I contacted Stellabratori in Huntsville and arranged for a flower crown to be made and a few matching loose flowers to pull my bouquet together with the crown.

One of my most favourite flowers I had been hoping for success in growing were my ranunculus. Turns out... ranunculus were the tastiest treat to my deer friend. So, about a month before the wedding I asked for ranunculus to be the loose flowers for my bouquet and to include them in my flower crown if it was at all possible.

I find a common thing brides say after the big day is that the day was the best ever, even with all of the little things that went wrong. My flower crown was one of the many little things to go wrong on our wedding day.

I may or may not have cried when it arrived. Okay, I cried.

MOH Cass's friend K acted as our DOC and picked up the crown on her way over. The first thing she said to me before opening the box was that she was pretty sure it was too big for me. And, she wasn't kidding.

My heart definitely sank when I tried it on. It wasn't remotely what I had been imagining and after the tears came, my ladies came to the rescue and said it would get fixed. BM Mel and K went back into town to get it fixed and remade. I mean, it had to be done.

Totally impressed / Personal photo

I felt absolutely terrible that the flower crown had to be redone. Stellabratori was happy to fix it and above all, I knew it was the right choice to say something. I would not have felt comfortable wearing it, and for such a large focal point, I wanted it to be in line with what I had envisioned. So, I guess the lesson is that if something comes on your wedding day and it isn't what you asked for, ask for them to fix it! While I asked for ranunculus, I also asked for a smaller flower crown more than anything else. You might feel bad, but you should get what you paid for.

In the end, the second version was much much better. It was slightly different than my original idea, but it ended up being perfect. And, Mr. Narwhal was totally surprised I was wearing one (totally thought I sucked at keeping that one a secret). I later showed him the original and he laughed and told me he was so glad I got it fixed. After being happy with the new one, my mom said, "I wasn't going to say anything, but that first one looked like you had a garden on your head." Too true Mom. Too true.

Photos captured by Isos Photography

Did you have to make any last minute changes on your wedding day?

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