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After the Wedding: The Narwhal Version

Now that I'm finished my recaps, I wanted to jump in and share a few fun posts I've been waiting to join in on until now! First, I wanted to complete the circle on Mrs. Border Collie and Mrs. Barn's before and after questionnaire. It was fun to look back on what I said before and how things looked on the other side. 

1. What was your biggest priority for the event?
I have two answers to this question. My first and main priority was around enjoying the day, visiting with all of our guests and just soaking in our wedding day. The second answer helped me do that. I'll totally admit that it was a tad bit control-freakish...but it was all in the name of the day running smoothly (so I could relax). I had some pretty serious checklists and timelines for the wedding day, and because I was so organized, the day ran super well. Things were on time, our DOC and helpers knew what to do, and the day unfolded nearly perfectly. The only hold up was the rain, which we were able to play around with our timeline in other ways, so the schedule didn't go to crap.  My best advice is to invest time in making logistical lists so that everything runs as smooth as possible. I had timelines for our DOC, the bridal party, the groomsmen, our MC (GM Bro) and our photographers. Each timeline only had information they needed to know to keep things organized. 

All photos from Isos Photography

2. What was your biggest concern for the day?

The weather forecast two weeks out was looking beautiful. I was relaxed and excited... and then, a chance of precipitation came on the radar and gained momentum as the day got closer. I was honestly in denial. It wasn't until the day of, and that chance of rain was imminent that my mom pulled me aside and said, "It is going to rain. We need to get tarps. We have to set up a tent over the band stage." 

I agreed and told them to do what they needed to do. It wasn't until it was time to get our bridal party photos done that I realized that it was pouring. Our photo plan got a bit delayed, as did our first look (probably 15-20 minutes or so). We started taking photos inside our crazy messy house and I said eff it, it was our wedding day and we were getting photos outside! We got a few pictures in the rain and I headed up for our first look. The moment we saw each other the rain stopped, and never came back. The ugly tent above the stage even got to come down before the festivities began! :) 

I might even argue the rain made the photos that much more beautiful. I love the little rain drops on the flowers in this photo. You can also see the water all over Mr. Narwhal's jacket.

3. What DIY project did you care about the most?

There were three. 

First - our wood photo blocks. These came together beautifully, and though Mr. Narwhal referred to them as our shrine, people loved them!

Second - The candles and lighting. We got around 400 candles, and cleaned hundreds of jars for the big day (these were all collected by loved ones and free). Everyone thought I was crazy, but the atmosphere we created was 100% worth it, and everyone that doubted me later ate their words. I'm looking at you Mom ;) 

Third - The flowers. Oh the flowers. My good friend KA will forever hold a special place in my heart for making my flower dreams come true, because you always always need a back up plan. 

Please note my flower crown was made by Stellabratori
4. What was your worst wedding-related nightmare? 
I honestly kept having reoccurring nightmares that I was back together with my ex-boyfriend and Mr. Narwhal wanted nothing to do with me. I was so confused what happened to our plans to get married every time I had the dream and was incredibly sad that my life had apparently gone to shit. The funny thing about this dream is that MOH L was having the same dreams leading up to her wedding in July about her ex-boyfriend. Neither of us have had any of the same dreams since our weddings!! They were seriously weird. 

5. Did you actually eat?

Sure did. Mr. Narwhal on the other hand only had one slider. His one major regret from the wedding. I was able to sample the tacos, mac and cheese, chocolate mousse, potato bar and candy bar. Everything was seriously delicious and people kept telling me how much they loved the food at the wedding! Thankfully we had so many leftovers he was able to try the potato bar the next day, and we were able to recreate the taco bar when friends came over to help take down the tent. 

When Mr. Narwhal saw the following photo, he said, "Ah man! This is the only thing I ate!" 

6. What is your favourite picture?

I would seriously like to know how you can choose a favourite wedding photo. HOW. There are so many. So, I'll choose one for this question and share another below in another question. I love the lighting and colours in this photo. It's perfection.

7. What was the worst thing that happened at your wedding?
Unfortunately, I am going to remain mum on this one. We had some drama happen ten minutes before the wedding ceremony with a relative of mine. It was the only negative thing that happened at our wedding, and I'm thankful for that. We're still trying to move past what happened; and though things may never return to the way they were, I'm grateful for my amazing wedding party cheering me up with champagne strawberries, dance parties and getting me refocused for the ceremony!

Just remember, things will go wrong on your wedding day, but focus on the everything amazing around you. The day goes by so fast, so you want to live in the goodness the day has to offer. You only marry your best friend once! :) 

8. What is your favourite wedding memory?
Again... HOW DO YOU CHOOSE. So I will once again choose multiple moments with different categories.

Favourite moment with Mr. Narwhal? Our first look. Pure magic. 

Favourite moment at the ceremony? When we finished our vows, and Nelson barked, and everyone laughed. This was one of my other favourite photos - it just warms my heart. It was such a fun moment during our ceremony and has been the background on my phone for a couple of months. 

Favourite moment at the reception? The speeches were just so lovely and the dance party was oh so much fun. 

9. What did your guests mention the most after the wedding?
Everyone described the wedding as magical. Lots of people commented on the lighting, the band and the food, and even more people commented on the love and magic in the air. It was just such a happy day.

10. What did you do after the wedding was over?
I explained this in my last reception post... but my mom arranged for what she called, "the straggler" bus. The last bus was set to leave at 1:00am, but so many people weren't ready (and the band still had a couple of songs they wanted to play). So, the bus came back and the stragglers got on. The bus ride to the hotel was so much fun! Afterwards we went to our room and enjoyed all of the Snapchats people were posting that were still at our house party and reminisced on the day.  Mr. Narwhal's mom also had a copy of I'll Love You Forever on the bed, with treats for us to enjoy. 

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