Thursday, January 7, 2016

'Whals in the Woods: The Restoftheception

The rest of the night unfolded rather quickly. Is it just me or is the rest of your reception all kind of a blur? Mingling, dancing, chatting, hugging, dancing, drinking, eating, dancing? Sound about right?

Our photographers wrapped up at 10pm, and it really seemed before we knew it the last bus was arriving at 1:00am. The band wasn't finished their final set, and asked to keep playing.

Live music was a bit of a budget splurge, but entirely worth it. Jenn and her crew put on an amazing show, and she really worked hard to include some songs that weren't in her regular circulation for us, which included amazing renditions of Dreams by Fleetwood MacGive Me Love by Ed Sheeran and The Mountain by Trevor Hall.

When my mom noticed that there were still quite a few guests that weren't going to make the final bus, she arranged for the driver to come back and do a "straggler run". Mr. Narwhal and I were supposed to catch the last bus, so this worked out perfectly allowing us to stay until the band was done and hold on to the day a little longer. I have no idea what time it was when the last bus came, but there were at least 20+ of us that caught it, and another good handful of close friends that stayed up celebrating until the sun started to rise. Canadian weddings - we know how to party ;)

All photos captured by Isos Photography

The following photo makes my heart skip a beat. Perfection. 

And these final photos from the night are some of my favourites - our stellar dance moves, my filthy dress (which I was totally barefoot under at this point) and the lights.  And a side note lesson to future brides - I totally wish I had of drank out of a glass, because that bottle drives me slightly nutty in the photos :) 

Getting back to the hotel, Mr. Narwhal's mom had put together a little package in our room of treats and a card for us with the book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch (so sweet). We snacked, giggled and reminisced on the day, recalling different memories and favourite moments. Just like that, the day we had planned for over a year was over and it was nothing short of perfect.

I'm not done with you quite yet, we have some details to share :)

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