Sunday, January 10, 2016

'Whals in the Woods: The Details

I think one of the reasons detail posts are always a favourite is because they are the summation of the hours of countless work. They're the little decisions you tossed back and forth on, that thing you got excited about or that detail that felt like it brought your vision together.

When I look at these photos I feel two things. First, I feel so excited to see the fruits of our labour translate into images that I will always look back fondly on, and then on the other hand I think, "that's it?" and wish I had about 300 more photos to look at.  Obviously this is silly, but those little details are the things you want to soak in and remember forever. I mean, I obviously have more than enough detail photos to look back on, since this is probably my most loaded photo post yet. ;)

Next to the people that made the memories with you, the details are what made it your wedding. Be still my heart.

All photos courtesy of Isos Photography

My beautiful bees from Mrs. Tractor that I passed on to Mrs. Clownfish :) 

I truly wish a photo would convey the magic and whimsy that the candles and lights created at night. You'll just have to trust me on this one... any sort of emotion they pull from you was multiplied ten times over in person. When I walked up and saw all of the candles lit I think it immediately made the entire wedding feel complete. It just brought everything we envisioned together better than we could have ever imagined, and it just got better and better the darker it got.

I am so happy we chose to do the blanket favours. They were a really big hit, and I love going over to friends and families homes and seeing them on their couch :) 

We set up a little vanity station by the bathrooms. I mostly just used things we had around the house and didn't really go out of my way to purchase things that we don't use/need. 

The front rows were reserved for immediate family. I wanted to ensure we had chairs available for grandparents and spent a few months visiting Restores getting a collection of random chairs. 

And, that about wraps up our wedding. Don't worry though, you're not getting rid of me yet! I have a few more posts left before I say our farewell (or see you later ;) ).

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