Monday, March 9, 2015

before and after questionnaire: the before

I decided it was high time for me to join in the before and after the wedding questionnaire series that Mrs. Border Collie and Mrs. Barn started. It's always interesting to take a look into the bride brain and see where things are lining up for the big day. I also am equally as interested in seeing how I look at these things after our wedding!

For fun, I decided to let Mr. Narwhal in on the discussion. I didn't share my responses with him until after. His responses are generally short because I asked him interview-style. It was definitely interesting to crack open the groom brain on this one too!

Unless noted otherwise, all images courtesy of Isos Photography  

What's your biggest priority for the wedding?
Miss Narwhal: I think that our biggest priority for the wedding has been creating a day that made sense to us. I think of our wedding day as a celebration of our love surrounded by our most favourite people in the world. I'm spending a lot of my time and energy planning a short ceremony that is reflective of us as a couple, and to me it's the most important part of the day.

When planning our budget, our biggest priorities and splurges were photography (the memories) and the band (the experience).

Mr. Narwhal: For everybody that's there to enjoy their time. At the end of the day, I think the wedding is about your guests, obviously we're getting married but the point of having an actual wedding is the people that join you.

What's your biggest concern for the day?
Miss Narwhal: I don't even want to say that four letter word... but rain. Not only am I worried about it on the day of, but in the last couple of weeks leading up to the wedding. I don't want it to be mucky, or us to be slowed down in planning/putting everything together. I have to stop writing about this before I have a panic attack. The wedding would go on, but the wedding vibe would certainly change. We have lots of "if the weather forecast says..." plans since it definitely could happen.

Mr. Narwhal: I don't want it to rain. I don't even want to say that. I don't really have any concerns, I'm too excited to be concerned. Everything will work out how it's supposed to.

What DIY project do you care about the most?
Miss Narwhal: In the very beginning I would have said our tree photo project, but after dress shopping and deciding to make take on my own sash - my sash.

Mr. Narwhal: Grooming our property and getting the area ready for the wedding.

What's your worst wedding-related nightmare?
Miss Narwhal: I'm not much a vivid dreamer. I know I have them occasionally, but they aren't frequent. Most of them involve not being ready for the wedding.

Mr. Narwhal: I haven't had any.

Do you think you're going to eat?
Miss Narwhal: Yes, because of the nature of how we're doing food, I will definitely nibble/graze throughout the night. At least I know I will eat at the rehearsal breakfast.

Mr. Narwhal: Yes, 100P.

What picture do you think you have to have?
Miss Narwhal: I really want to capture an amazing first look. It's definitely a priority shot of mine. I spend a lot of time thinking about how the heck we'll pull off the perfect set up to capture the best shot of Mr. Narwhal's face when we have our first look. I have a photo of Father Narwhal that is from his first look of Momma Narwhal when she walked down the aisle. It's just the most special photo ever. I seriously die.

Father Narwhal // personal photo

Mr. Narwhal: I really want to get a picture of me and my Grandad. (Miss Narwhal side note: this was incredibly sweet to hear, his Grandad hasn't been in the best health and we really hope he can make it from Thunder Bay to the wedding.)

What are you looking forward to the most?
Miss Narwhal: Being surrounded by our most favourite people in the world. What an incredible opportunity to celebrate our relationship and commit our lives to one another in front of the people we love most. I just think about saying our vows and seeing all of those people watching us and then have flashes of us all dancing under the stars (note: clear sky) listening to music and having so much fun.

Mr. Narwhal: The band and the reception. The music and visiting with everyone.

What do you think your guests will enjoy the most?
Miss Narwhal: Can I say everything? Just knowing our guests, I know that it's going to be such a fun wedding and they'll love the vibe we create. I know they'll cry during the ceremony, and laugh during the speeches. I also know that many many people will have serious hangovers the next day.

Mr. Narwhal:  For sure I think they'll just enjoy the whole vibe. The music and being in the forest.

What do you plan on doing after the wedding?
Miss Narwhal: Okay, I first filled this survey out many moons ago and my original answer was that I really thought we'd just take the minute walk and stay in our own bed.

Now, I'm thinking that I would like to escape. We had a very difficult time securing a room block (more on that soon), and now that it's mainly sorted, I think we'll get a room. I just want to be able to leave and if some individuals decide to stay around the fire well into the early morning I never have to know about it.

Mr. Narwhal: Wherever we end up, we will probably just be so excited to talk about the day and spend some time to ourselves. I just know we'll be really happy.

Do you and your fiance share the same priorities for your wedding day? 

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