Tuesday, March 10, 2015

do me a favour

Coming to a decision on our favours was a long process. I have been to enough weddings to hit some of the popular trends out there (edibles, engraved, donations in lieu of and photo booth photos).

I knew I wanted something that thought of our guests and fit into our wedding. 

I honestly thought I had it figured out right away. Mr. Narwhal and I love coffee. As I write this post I have my favourite coffee brewing.  Mr. Narwhal drinks more cups of coffee than he'd like to admit in a day. Huntsville is also home to Muskoka Roastery, which roasts some seriously good coffee (favourites are Lumberjack and Black Bear). We both felt that a package of coffee for our guests would be a cute little favour that represented us well. 

Muskoka Roastery's wedding favour // Image from Muskoka Roastery 

The more I thought about this one though, I felt like we weren't thinking about a lot of our guests. Not everyone drinks coffee and for the cost of getting everyone one pots worth of coffee, it just didn't seem worth it. I was having visions of 40 leftover bags following the wedding. 

After I nixed the coffee, we were back to the drawing board.

I thought about us making something. It would be really cost effective and thoughtful to gift our guests with something we made like coasters.

tree cookie coasters  //  Image from Refunked Junkies

While potentially cute, these wouldn't fit everyones decor and the tree cookie felt a little too overdone.

Next, I thought about plants of sorts. Every Spring, our house is taken over by plants everywhere. Mr. Narwhal and I get a little crazy getting our garden ready and every window is lined with shelves filled with tomato seedlings, peppers, herbs and you name it's ready for the frost warning to go away. Since our wedding is at the end of the Summer, I figured we could grow some cute herbs for everyone.

cuteness overload // Image from Wed Loft

Mr. Narwhal gave me a big "NO" on this ambitious idea and he was right. While cute, it would be uber stressful to keep these plants alive. So, I started thinking of other plant ideas. Plant a tree? Plant flowers?

more cuteness // Image from Ruffled 
I was actually pretty sold on this idea. It fit our wedding well, they would be cost-effective and really cute. The problem? Not everyone would plant the flowers. While they would likely say "Oh, cute!" I didn't feel convinced that everyone would feel like this was thinking of them and thanking them for their attendance.

One thing I was pretty set on for our wedding was having a small basket of blankets for our guests to have access to in the event that it got chilly outside. When I started researching wholesale blankets... that's when we figured it out!

blankets! // Image from Offbeat Bride // Image by Angelica Peady

Instead of getting favours and providing a few blankets, I decided to combine the two and get a blanket for every couple/single guest. In my mind you can never have enough blankets, they can be used for picnics, your car, your couch, extra guests, the possibilities seem endless! So, the decision was made. My aunt has volunteered to sew tags with our names and wedding date to the blankets we are ordering.

When the Canadian dollar started to drop pretty drastically my original blanket idea started to unravel. Ordering online (from an American site) wasn't looking too smart on our end. I was worried we would be back to the drawing board again, when MOH Cass saved the day.

She found blankets at IKEA for 2.99 each, and even went and picked them up for us! Maid of honour to the rescue! She's the best!

personal photo

While I know the edible favour is the popular can't go wrong choice, we'll have plenty of snacks available to make up for it.

We ordered tags to sew on to each blankets and will tie them up with some twine and a thank-you label.

How did you decide on your favours? 

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