Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So Appetizing

I interrupt this regularly scheduled dry subject matter of registries to talk about food. Warning: do not read this post if you are hungry (I probably shouldn't be writing it when I'm hungry either).

I mentioned before that our style of wedding was being modelled after my cousins wedding I attended back in 2007. Without turning this post into a sad story, that cousin passed away very recently in a tragic accident. So it is with pride (and a heavy heart), that I model our wedding timeline/style after his, and now I will be thinking of him and the wonderful memories I have from his and his wife's beautiful wedding on our own wedding night.

Bridesman J, Myself and Bridesman TLW at our cousins wedding circa 2007* / Personal photo

We last left off with some details about how we plan to serve appetizer style foods immediately following the ceremony, followed by waves of food the remainder of the evening.

This week we met with our caterer to talk food. We met at our house and initially took the trek up to our wedding reception area to give her a visual of where the whole thing is going down. Before we got back to the house the ideas were bubbling over and we were quickly making our way to our kitchen table to write them down.

We told Vanessa that while we would be encouraging our guests to eat a light dinner before our ceremony, we didn't want to assume everyone will have eaten. We want to make sure there will be a meals worth of food available throughout the evening to ensure everyone is well fed. Have you met us Canadians? We know how to party. And partying means that we need full bellies and lots of food available.

After a bit of brainstorming over similar events she has done in the past and what Vanessa felt would work well at our wedding, this is what we landed on.

Vanessa has a small tent that she can bring to the wedding to set up beside our main tent and between the two, we will have three food stations.

The first will be our station of cookies, sweets and snacks in the main tent. This station will be done mainly by us. Mr. Narwhal's mom is baking all of the cookies, and we'll buy lots of snacks in bulk the week of the wedding.

Photo from Found Vintage Rentals // Photo by Jessica Claire

The second station will be our "always available" food station. This will have things like veggies and a gourmet cheese platter. Because, yum. The idea behind the first two stations is always having food readily available to nibble on.

Photo from Green Wedding Shoes // Photo by Shutter Sam Photography

The third station, the most important one, will be in the second tent. It'll be the catering headquarters, but also where the best of the food will be housed. Immediately following the ceremony the station will be set up with a shredded chicken taco station. Basically all the fixings you can imagine (along with a bean option with the vegetarians). Yes that includes guacamole, and it isn't extra. Later in the evening (around 10:30pm**) there will be a baked potato station, also with all the fixings you can imagine.

Photo from Santa Barbara Wedding Style // Photo by Ashleigh Taylor Photography

Also in the mix will be the served appetizers which we're still sorting out, but will be in the realms of sliders, mac and cheese and corn on the cob. We need to sort out the numbers, and our vision. Vanessa will also be taking care of all of our non-alcoholic beverages including coffee, tea and a non-alcoholic punch.

I'm feeling a lot of relief that we finally have the food planning underway, and now we just have to solidify the extra appetizers!

What's your favourite appetizer? 

*I should note that guests wore black and white, and the bride wore a red dress. To this day, it is the best wedding I've ever been to!
** I have had several comments about our wedding being until 1:00am, and how most people will not stay that late. In Canada, it's pretty standard for weddings to end at 1:00am, and I personally don't think I've ever left before 12:30am at a wedding! Our bus will be hired for the evening and make runs until everyone has been safely transported to their destination.

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