Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Narwhal Honeymoon

Now that I'm in a bit of planning lull, I have some other details to share with you all. Melt snow, melt! Today's post is one detail of wedding planning that has been heavy on my mind lately, as I am growing quite tired of the winter. Having just returned from my last trip to the North this past weekend (which was the absolute nuttiest trip I've ever been on!), I think it's time to talk honeymoon details.

Narwhal in the land of Narwhal's // personal photo

You might remember that we had very briefly dreamed of a California elopement before Mr. Narwhal and I dived into planning our actual wedding. What you don't know about us though, is that California was a very frequent thing Mr. Narwhal and I talked about in the early days of conversing. A strong desire to visit the redwoods was something we bonded over, and we always knew that one day we would have to go together. 

Last summer we were sitting around a bonfire in our yard chatting and poking the coals. Somehow the conversation of our one day honeymoon (this was pre-engagement) came up, and I asked, "Where would we go?" Fully knowing the answer, Mr. Narwhal said, "California." 

An idea was born, and after a few discussions our honeymoon transformed from a Yosemite trip to a West coast adventure. Go big, or stay home, am I right?!

While the plans are still loose in nature, we do know there will be major stops along the way. 

Image from Luxury Hotels Seattle

Olympic National Forest

Image by Kevin McNeal Photography


Map from Carol Mendel Map's

Highway 101/1

Image from UDC Tours

San Francisco 

Image from USA Today // Image by Union Street Inn


Image by Bradley Burquest

Los Angeles

Image from Los Angeles Times

Beaches Beaches Beaches

Image from City of Huntington Beach

Over the course of two weeks, we're doing it all! Our honeymoon will combine many of our favourite things rolled into one: hot weather, road trips, nature, hiking, camping, beaches and time spent together celebrating our new marriage.
Where does your dream honeymoon take you?

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