Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Like many brides before me, I've been dreaming of my post-wedding chop growing my hair out for the wedding. When Mr. Narwhal and I first met my hair was short and blonde. Shortly before we bought our home, I went back to my natural colour to save money and have since been in the process of growing my hair out.

August 2012/December 2014 also Tan/Pale 

When we got engaged I debated for awhile whether I wanted to keep my natural hair colour for the wedding or venture back to blondehood. Since I was sitting on the fence, I polled some friends and Mr. Narwhal, and in the end blonde won. After two sessions at the salon, I'm pretty happy with the happy medium of blonde I've met and now will just maintain until the wedding. At the six month mark I ended up cutting a couple inches off to clean up my ends, figuring things will grow a little better. Also, because I suck at growing my hair out. Must. Resist. Chopping.

Have you tried Benefit's Roller Lash yet? #PSA / Personal photo 

With my colour and length sorted out, I have been left thinking about how I wanted to style said hair on the wedding day. Since I'm wearing a flower crown, I am pretty limited on what I can do with my hair.

Even though I do end up with my hair up at the end of most days, I don't think I photograph particularly well with my hair up, and almost always wear my hair down when I go to a wedding or any event I would dress up for.

My hair doesn't tend to hold curl very well, so my inspiration for the wedding look has been a light wave, and mostly natural looking. I am definitely not the fancy schmancy updo type.

Does this dress look familiar? / Image from Green Wedding Shoes / Image by Levi Tijerina
Image from Green Wedding Shoes // Image by Carl Zoch
Image from Green Wedding Shoes / Image by Jen Wojcik

Image from Brides / Image by Justin DeMutiis

And to close out this post, I'll share my #PWC inspiration. As a seasonal chopper, it is taking just about everything in me not to pull a Miss Walrus and get a chop before the wedding.

All hail Emma Stone and her glorious hair / Image from Harper's Bazaar 

Are you growing your hair out for your wedding? Are you tempted to cut it all off?

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