Friday, December 26, 2014

waiting for the dress

Mr. Narwhal - time to peace out!

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As you may remember from my dress shopping adventures, dress shopping was pretty overwhelming for me. It was a lovely day, and I'm incredibly grateful for all of the women in my life that came to help me pick the most important outfit I'll ever wear (this includes the ladies I had on standby on their phones!) The thing is, it was a lot for one day.

Bride advice: don't do it all in one day. Going to two shops was pretty overwhelming, especially since one of them was David's Bridal (hello a gazillion things to try on.) I can power shop with the best of them, but wedding dress shopping is different. Everyone was there and had made the trip so I was determined to find it in one day.

While I can make a decision with no problems or regrets, the wedding dress falls into that 'other' category. It probably has a lot to do with being the centre of attention on your wedding day, and all of the energy that gets spent on finding the perfect dress. It's all about that moment you feel and just know that this the dress. Some brides have it, some brides don't.

Well my friends, I didn't have that moment the day I bought my dress. I just felt overwhelmed and the pro and con list in my head helped me make my decision. I was happy with my choice and loved being surrounded by some of my favourite people when I made it.

The thing was, the weeks following the purchase and waiting for it to arrive were slightly stressful (okay that's an understatement, I was borderline losing it in my head). I looked at the picture of myself in the dress every single day and just couldn't wait to try it on again. I just wanted to feel myself in it again after making such a huge decision. Did I have regret? The dreaded dress regret? Not exactly. I was more so afraid that I would have it. I just didn't know what to think. Every time I looked at wedding blogs and saw a pretty dress I would wonder to myself, "Did I make the right decision?"

I felt a lot of guilt over this feeling, but after consulting with some fellow brides in my life, I learned that I wasn't the only one feeling this anxiety waiting for my dress to arrive.

The day finally came and my mom sent me a message that it was here! I had just left the gym all sweaty and gross and resisted the urge to drive straight to their house to go try it on. I went home, finished what I had planned, had a shower and did my hair and makeup. Then I drove straight to my parents house.

A blurry out of the package big moment

When I arrived, I opened the box and went into my old bedroom (that no longer looks like my old bedroom). I put on my dress and just looked in the mirror and had the moment alone with it I had desperately been waiting for.

What did I feel? Peace. So much peace. A whole lot of relief.

While I had made the rational and logical decision when we bought the dress, I didn't make an emotional decision. That emotional part is what had driven me slightly crazy in the weeks waiting for it to arrive. This was a little weird for me, because I tend to make a lot of my decisions based on emotion.

The emotional peace came alone in my bedroom in my dress taking selfies and feeling like a bride. The dress I will become Mr. Narwhal's wife in. My dress.

So my fellow brides currently in those weeks and months waiting for your dress and feeling that anxiety and doubt, trust me when I say that once you try your actual dress on, you'll feel so much better.

Did you have a tough time waiting for your dress to arrive?

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