Friday, December 12, 2014

branding our wedding

Like other bees before me (notably Mrs. Phonebooth and Mrs. Hen), I really wanted to brand our wedding to help tie everything together. Obsessive? Yes. How I do things? Absolutely.

Branding our wedding was one thing that I knew could have a huge impact on our wedding details, with virtually no cost. It would take minimal effort for me to pull off and it would put a fun spin on our wedding.

The first step for us, was coming up with a name for a wedding. This name would translate to our website, our hashtag and be added to details (e.g., favours) where possible.

A week or so after we got engaged MOH Cass was visiting and the three of us were discussing the wedding and sharing all of our ideas. Since Cass works in advertising, I enlisted in her help to come up with the phrase that would brand our wedding.

little Narwhal and MOH Cass at Disney! // personal photo

Side note: My maiden name is kind of a mouthful. It's eleven long letters of nobody ever getting it right. In the history of time, I have had one person say it correctly on the first try. I hoped and dreamed the boy I'd marry would have the most simple and easy last name of all time. Then, I met Mr. Narwhal with the most common last name ever. Huge score for me.

Back to the story.

After laughing over some ridiculous ideas we started to think of the all too common phrase that goes along with our soon to be shared all too common last name. I felt like we were on to something, and just when we were about to give up for the day Cass said, "yah, something like becoming the narwhals"

image by isos photography

We were sold and that's when the wedding brand was born. In order to really achieve the level of branding I wanted, I was sure to have it covered in as many elements of our wedding as possible.

Website url? Check. Our website features our brand within our url.

Hashtag? Check. This was the first way we started communicating our brand, and whenever we do post a wedding related photo on Instagram, the hashtag joins it.

Fonts and common look? Check. Since I am DIYing our signage, save the dates and invitation suite, this was an easy and costless way to keep a cohesive look to our branding.

Happy bride? Check. While this is one of my obsessive in nature planning details, it's probably been one of the most fun things to pull off, and knowing that it will tie everything together gives me great satisfaction.

Did you brand your wedding?

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