Monday, December 1, 2014

tying everything together

In the beginning of our planning adventures the question I kept being asked over and over was "What are you colours?" That question for whatever reason made my nose scrunch up and my response would be that we didn't have any. While I can really appreciate and admire colour-themed matchy weddings, I knew that wasn't us (hence the nose scrunch).

With time and planning though, I started to realize that there was definitely a palette emerging. I also really needed to give clarity to those involved in the planning process, because it was starting to become confusing.

pulling together my vision // personal photo 

The thing about our "colour" palette is that the main themes that were emerging were textures. Wood. Glass. Turquoise stones. Wildflowers. The only reason taupe and slate blue were making their way into the mix as main colours was because of our wedding party (more on that in my upcoming posts).

The thing about having a palette was that I didn't want it to box me into having only one of something. I want things to have a feel to them. I want them to feel warm, romantic, woodsy and like us.

Photo sources left to right
Image from Green Wedding Shoes // Image by Stone Crandall Photography
Image from Green Wedding Shoes // Image by Forged in the North Photography
Image from Ruffled Blog // Image by Cami Takes Photos
Image from Green Wedding Shoes // Image by Logan Cole Wedding Co.

And so, with our look, feel and palette in mind, my upcoming posts will start to unfold how it all ties together.

Did you avoid picking colours for your wedding? 

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