Friday, November 21, 2014

dress shopping adventures - a bracelet saves the day

I love turquoise. The colour, yes. But, I'm talking about the stone. I love turquoise. For my 26th birthday I received this nice little care package from MOH L and opened this amazing bracelet. It was so me.

if I were to be summed up in a bracelet... // Bracelet and Image from Victoria Emerson

Funny story. That Christmas, Mr. Narwhal's mom got me the exact same bracelet. If that tells you anything about how much this bracelet suits me.

So you might be wondering how this bracelet plays into me deciding on a wedding dress.

Mr. Narwhal - Time to peace out again!


We left off we me struggling to make a decision between the dragonfly dress and the swiss dot.

battle of the dress - note the bracelet // personal image

It was pretty clear I was in love with both of them, but I needed to make a decision about which one was the 'one'. So let's break down my pro-con list and how I started to figure things out.

  • It was unique and very me
  • I loved the two layers of vintage feeling lace
  • I loved the lace layered neckline
  • It felt woodsy
  • Suited my venue
  • It was $1200.00
  • It didn't have the same reaction as the swiss dot
  • The back wasn't as nice as the swiss dot

Swiss Dot
  • It had an element of uniqueness with the swiss dots
  • It had a sweetheart neckline
  • Everyone thought it was the clear winner (crying, goosebumps, ooh's and ahh's)
  • The back was beautiful
  • It had a timelessness about it 
  • Suited my venue
  • It was $500.00
  • It was missing something...
So how did that bracelet on my wrist help solidify my decision?

I realized that my bracelet was long enough to wrap around me, so L wrapped it around me and I finally saw how this dress was the one for me.

smiles // personal photo

The price was amazing and had I stayed within in my budget while trying on dresses, it would have been the clear winner. Everyone was so in love with this dress, and I just needed that extra bit of me in it to make it work. 

A plan was officially born to DIY some sort of sash that has turquoise stones in it to coordinate with my bridesmaids (more on that another day). 

And that, is how a bracelet saved the day.

so grateful for all of these ladies making the trip for my dress shopping adventures
BM Click, MOH Cass, my Gramma, me, Momma Narwhal and MOH L //personal photo

Did an unsuspecting accessory help you choose your wedding dress?

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