Monday, November 17, 2014

dress shopping adventures - the shopping begins

Waking up on dress shopping day is much like Christmas morning. For probably the first time ever I was up before 7:00 am sans alarm or ten snoozes. As I rushed around the house getting ready, our crew was getting excited - exchanging Facebook posts, comments and texts.

bride and bridesmaid commenting // personal photo 

From Huntsville, Momma Narwhal, Gramma Narwhal, MOH L and I left around 8am heading towards Toronto. Our first stop was Sash and Bustle. MOH Cass met up with us in the parking lot and we all headed to the store together.

Andrea (part-owner with her sister) greeted our team and instructed us how to browse the racks. I knew I wasn't very comfortable spending anything over $1000; however, since Sash and Bustle's dresses start at $1000, I was willing to try on more expensive dresses. My mission of Sash and Bustle was to find dresses that would help give me an idea of what I wanted. In the event I found something that was 'the one' we'd cross that bridge when I got there.

Andrea was really great and we kept all the dresses under $2000 to try on. I loved the set up of the store. The change room was around a corner and had it's own mirror. Something I appreciated (foreshadow moment here) was the ability to look at myself in a dress, form an opinion and then come around and share with my ladies.

I don't know the names of most of the dresses, except the one that was the clear winner at Sash and Bustle.

I'll just let the photos do the talking from here on out. I also think it's pretty much a rule that your face looks ridiculous in photos when trying on dresses.

Peace out Mr. Narwhal!


first dress! go big or go home. 

a little too revealing for my liking - this was my favourite on the rack

despite my face, I was IN LOVE with this dress

love this dress, not quite there

everyone loved this dress, I had a hard time visualizing myself wearing it 

another fun big gown

loving the pockets

again with the fav - loving the birdcage action

this is the same dress with it's covering shirt as an option

At Sash and Bustle I achieved what I wanted. I had a standard for the dress that I would buy. I knew the shape of dress that suited my body and found out that I had a major love for the sweetheart neckline. I also was able to lay my Grace Love Lace obsession to a rest knowing that I was into more structured dresses. I left the store with a love for Cheylene by Truvelle, and knew if all else failed I had a dress to wear (an expensive dress, but a dress).

Next stop, David's Bridal.

Did you try on dresses outside of your budget?

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