Wednesday, November 19, 2014

dress shopping adventures - i get overwhelmed

So, we've established I know how to make a decision. Photography, music, food and officiant. Easy peasy. I knew, and then bam, decided (with Mr. Narwhal's input of course).

Spoiler alert: I did not come to the decision of my dress easily.

The problem? I fell in love with two dresses.

Arriving at David's Bridal was overwhelming after leaving a boutique with only four racks of dresses. David's Bridal has a sea of dresses. A SEA. When we arrived BM Click met up with us, and I was feeling confident and excited that with the plethora of options available I would be able to get a dress. Little did I know how hard that would be.

Megan, my consultant was amazing. She listened really well and pulled out dresses based on my inspiration and what I had found perusing on my own with the ladies. She also was really great about price. Before letting me try on a dress she would warn me if it was over $1000.

Time for a bridal lesson learned. It might be obvious, but in the moment you might lose perspective (as I did). Don't try on dresses you're not comfortable paying for. When you're in the moment it might feel like you'd make it work, or it doesn't matter, or it will be fine, but you're only making it more difficult for yourself.

If anything, try on in your price range, and if you cannot make a decision, move up.

Throughout this wedding planning process I haven't wanted to lose the perspective that while our wedding day is a very significant and important day for our relationship, it is just one day. I do not want to us or our parents to spend a lot of money on just one day. It's already going to be costing a lot of money, so wiggling the price up here and there will add up.

That being said, when we got to David's I began trying on dresses. Dresses. Dresses. Dresses.

There is something about trying on a plethora of the same thing, same colour, that gets so overwhelming.

What suits your venue? What suits you? What will your groom love? What will make you look feel like a beautiful bride? What does your audience love?

So, we got started. Mr. Narwhal - time to peace out!

All Images personal

first up a Vera - a big fun dress that I wouldn't wear... but when in Rome

Another big beautiful fun dress

After getting some clear no's but fun dresses out of the way we moved onto dresses that would be contenders. Enter the dragonfly dress.

still having fun

We all liked the dragonfly dress and knew it was a serious contender from the get go - but since I still had a pile of dresses to try on, we kept it aside. So I kept going. Meanwhile, after many a dress, the ladies were having some fun of their own.

MOH Cass, my momma and gramma // personal collage

As I mentioned in my previous post, one thing I really loved about Sash and Bustle was their set-up. Try on a dress, look in the mirror, form an opinion, come around the corner and show your people. David's Bridal is the exact opposite. With about 30 change rooms, you're kind of crammed. There are no mirrors in the rooms, and when you walk out, everyone sees the dress before you.

The next dress took third place (or maybe tied with the Sash and Bustle for third). It had a lot of what I wanted, but just wasn't quite there. We all agreed on giving this a solid third place after I proceeded to try on the top three a few times over (sorry entourage).

When I came out in the next dress*, there were tears, goosebumps and lots of positive reactions. At this point I was also starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, so it was probably a pretty bad time to walk out in this dress. By the time I looked at myself I had no idea how to react. 

I knew I loved it, but it just seemed to be missing something for me. I cannot really describe it, but something didn't quite fit. It had the sweetheart neckline, it had the reaction of my loved ones and it did have a unique element with the dotted tulle, and I loved the back.

And so began the shuffle of the third place, the dragon fly and the swiss dot. I was getting thirsty, I was sweaty and so incredibly overwhelmed. At this point I could have thrown in the towel and decided to come back another day, but I really just wanted to make a decision. Decisions are easy for me, why was this so hard? 

Eventually I had it narrowed down to two - swiss dot and the dragonfly. And, next time, on the final chapter of my dress shopping adventures I will share how my bracelet helped me decide on my wedding dress. 

Stay tuned!

Did you struggle with your dress decision? Did you love two dresses?

*By next this is not reflective of order, I easily tried on about five or six other dresses not pictured in this post. 

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