Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Narwhal engagement photo reveal!

Our engagement photo session could not have gone better. It felt natural, unposed and was so. much. fun. We had a light dusting of snow and a beautiful sunny day, which is pretty much exactly what I had hoped for.

And now, I have the best kind of problem to have. A major major love for our engagement photos. So much love that it's pretty much impossible to pick favourites. Seriously you guys, I love our photographers. If you live anywhere near Toronto, call them up and book them for your wedding!!

My advice on getting your engagement photos is to pick a setting that you're comfortable in as a couple. Do two settings (preferably indoor and outdoor) and have two outfits. Have fun with each other, and instead of asking to be posed, just do you. Do what feels natural and did I mention have fun?

We decided to get our photos taken inside our living room and then outside and around our property. I love that we have our engagement photos in front of the cabin we're getting married in front of! It just gets me all giddy thinking about getting pictures in front of it for all sorts of stages in our life. I'm seriously never moving.

Anyway, I'll let the (many) photos do the talking now.

All photos courtesy of isos photography

and we'll end it off with little sassy Vada who decided to make an appearance to close out the shoot.

Are you obsessed with your engagement photos?

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