Monday, December 15, 2014

somebody stole our hashtag

Alternative title: My first Bridezilla moment. Also note: This was all written in good fun and is not to be taken seriously. 

I found it kind of hard to imagine myself ever having a Bridezilla moment. I mean, yes, I love details and I can be a bit of a control freak; however, more than those things, I care about the people around me and would never treat someone poorly in the name of my wedding. I also don't get angry very often.

Well, wedding planning can surprise you.

It's all too easy to lose perspective when you're emotionally invested in something.

So, that's why I lost my sh*t when somebody stole our hashtag.

raging // reaction gifs

I love hashtags. I tend to use them in one of two ways. The first, to summarize my post emotionally, usually sentimentally or humourously. The second, to catalogue uniquely.

The cataloguing use of a hashtag is often used for weddings and babies. A lot of parents will pick a unique hashtag to keep all of their photos of their child in one spot and in the wedding world, it allows people to pool all of the captured photos from the wedding.

When we came up with our wedding brand and hashtag #becomingthenarwhals, the first thing I did was make sure it was unique to us. I didn't want it to be lost in a sea of other people using the hashtag.

I started using the hashtag whenever we posted anything wedding related.

So, I'm sure you can imagine my reaction when I posted a new photo and clicked on the hashtag only to find out that sometime in the Fall, somebody had a wedding and stole our hashtag.

total rage // reaction gif

I was mad. I was disappointed. And, I totally overreacted.

I can remember the moment quite distinctly because Mr. Narwhal was outside chopping wood and I stormed outside to tell him what I had discovered.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: I am about to tell you something that I am really upset about, I know I'm being irrational, but please just let me be pissed right now.

Mr. Narwhal: What happened?

Me: Some people stole our hashtag last weekend. 

Joel: That really sucks, but it doesn't really matter.


reaction gif

Then, Mr. Narwhal proceeded to hold my shoulders and tell me that he loved me and that on our wedding day we will be surrounded by our most favourite people in the world, that everything will be perfect and the last thing that matters is a hashtag. Seriously love that boy - that moment just might be worth having your hashtag stolen over.

I pouted my way back inside. I knew he was right and that I was definitely overreacting, but it was just one of those moments where you need to vent out some rage, and then you're over it.

I'm still deciding what to do about the hashtag to be honest. I'm trying to think of a clever way to keep it (and I'm not really a fan of numbered hashtags). The other wedding only had a handful of posts initially, but they keep posting random photos within a day or so of any of my new posts. I really don't want to partake in hashtag wars, so I'm looking for an alternative that still keeps with the brand.

Did you have any silly Bridezilla moments? 

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