Tuesday, October 28, 2014

we heart food

I feel pretty comfortable calling myself a foodie. I love trying new recipes and entertaining friends and family. Every time we have my parents over for dinner my mom asks for nothing weird. When it comes to our wedding, we aren't doing the whole formal dinner, or even the casual relaxed dinner. We're doing the appetizer thing. While I love to cook a meal, my favourite food is definitely of the appetizer variety.

bite-sized deliciousness // Image from My Wedding Reception Ideas // Pickle SlidersDoughnut Espresso Shots by True PhotographyMini PancakesHot dogsGrilled Cheese ShootersFrench FriesCookies and Milk by Jen Williams PhotographyMilkshake ShootersMini Slider Burgers and Fries

I'm not really sure which came first (chicken or egg situation), the idea for a late ceremony or the idea for no dinner. Maybe the idea came together. All I know is that when it comes to wedding attendance for myself, the dinner is at the bottom on my priority list. I love myself a good meal, but I like to choose what I eat and I generally enjoy the cocktail hour type food or the late night snack more. Or the candy bar. Definitely the candy bar.

Not only are we saving the time that it takes to do the whole dinner thing, we're saving some money too. It's a nice perk, but isn't the reason for this decision... more like a mix of the things that made the pro list.

While the details of what we'll serve and how we'll serve it (how much will be passed, and how much will be served) still need to be ironed out, our caterer was an easy choice.

easy appies // Image from The Pretty Blog // Image by Just Judy Photography

My aunt's best friend is a caterer, and a popular choice for weddings in Muskoka. Vanessa of Vanessa's Kitchen happily accepted our offer to cater our wedding.

She even has wheels! // Image via Vanessa's Kitchen

Planning the timeline around food was an important thing for us. We've asked our guests to eat a light dinner before attending, but we definitely won't be short on food at the wedding. Immediately following our ceremony, we will have lots of appetizers available much like a cocktail hour. The remainder of the evening the plan is to have waves of food available the entire evening, with an a larger wave around the typical late night snack time.

We're going for a theme of favourite appetizers and things that might represent our heritage, family favourites (my mom has requested bite sized mac and cheese) and just plain yummy options.

Have you ever been to cocktail reception? 
What is your favourite bite-sized appetizer?

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