Friday, October 31, 2014

the ol' officiant search

Often the ceremony is low on the wedding planning list of things you have to do. A lot of the time it's planned for you.  The ceremony is a small portion of the day that many couples often don't have a ton of control over. So in the adventures of planning your day, I can totally understand why the ceremony gets knocked to the bottom of priorities.

For us, it's at the top. Early on in our relationship it was established that we wanted to write our own vows, play a role in writing our ceremony and discussed having a friend marry us.

wedding guests 2013 // personal photo

Those approximate twenty-thirty minutes of our wedding are the most important minutes of the entire day to us. Finding the right person to marry us was an important task. We wanted someone that was open to us playing a role in writing our ceremony. 

I wasn't exactly sure how to go about finding an officiant, so I went to trusty Google. Google took me to All Seasons Weddings.

wedding guests 2014 // personal photo 

All Seasons Weddings has a number of officiants to choose from all with their own personal profile. Mr. Narwhal and I read through all of the profiles and emailed about two officiants. All Seasons package includes the officiant services on the day of your wedding, a wedding planning meeting and an emergency back up for $414.70 taxes in. 

We connected with our first choice officiant John Waite, and chatted on the phone. We had one of those great conversations where you know that someone is on the same page. Perhaps even a kindred spirit. Okay, I was just really excited to talk to someone equally as excited about our ceremony. John is totally on board with working together to write our ceremony and we're really looking forward to planning with him!

Was picking your officiant an important task for you? Where did your ceremony rank in your big day?

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