Wednesday, October 22, 2014

our people

Whenever we talk about our wedding with people, the lack of tradition is about the last thing that seems to get the shock factor. The thing people have been reacting strongly to? Our wedding party.

The night after our engagement Mr. Narwhal and I were laying in bed and starting naming off who we wanted to be in our wedding party and we quickly realized that it was going to be big.

Fourteen people to be exact...

It seems to come as a huge shock when we tell people we each have seven people standing up with us. 

seven groomsmen // Image from Project Wedding// Image by Shaun & Skyla Walton Photography

We just love the people in our lives, and having a big wedding party to go along with our big day just makes sense. These people play a huge role in our lives, and we cannot imagine not having them standing up with us. 

The other big shock that people seem to have about our wedding party is the fact that I have two guys on my side. My two brother cousins (as in, cousins that are like brothers). 

Multiple conversations have gone down like this...

Person: "Why doesn't Mr. Narwhal just have them on his side?"
Me: "Because they're important people in my life."
Person: "But... they're boys."
Me: "So...?!"

one of these photos is definitely happening // Image from Rustic Wedding Chic // Image by Julie Harris Photography

It just seems to be a hard thing for them to wrap their heads around. 

So, I will be having a maid of honour, a matron of honour, three bridesmaids and two bridesmen. Mr. Narwhal will be having seven groomsmen and no best man. 

They're compromised of one sibling, three first cousins, one second-cousin and a whole lot of best friends.  

That's just how we roll.

love this // Image from Wedding Party App // Images by Ameris Photography

How did we ask these amazing people? In person for the most part, there was also one Facetime call, and...yes, one anti-climatic text conversation (thanks to delayed Facetimes, already basically knowing and 3000+ kilometres distance). 

We had one jumping up and down reaction, one almost pulled over the car driving, quite a few huge shocks of excitement and gratitude, and a few conversations where we were just finally making it official. There was a lot of hugging. Asking people to stand up with you on your big day is super exciting and I cannot wait to share the day with them all.

Oh and how could I almost forget the best dog/dog of honour?

back by popular demand* // personal photo

How did you go about selecting your wedding party?

*Warning, the next few posts are Nelsonless ;)

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