Monday, October 20, 2014

looking at traditions

Okay, I'm sure if you have learned anything about the future Mr. and Mrs. Narwhal, it's that we want our wedding to be a representation of us. We want our backyard forest wedding to be filled with little touches everywhere of who we are as a couple.

So, it might not surprise you, that we're skipping quite a few traditions when it comes to our wedding. I love reading about how others use and eliminate certain wedding traditions, so I wanted share ours! I think that's the beauty of weddings today, they're certainly becoming an opportunity to make them your own and do whatever you want to do. Fortunately for us, both of our parents are 100% supportive of this.

Keeping with Tradition
White Dress - I am definitely wearing white on our wedding day, the quest for the perfect dress was an important priority of mine!

Dad Walking Down the Aisle - This is definitely happening. I'm a daddy's girl, and am so looking forward to sharing this moment together.

First Dances - We will be doing a first dance, a father daughter and mother son dance. I think these are special moments, that we definitely don't want to pass up. Music is a really important part of our lives. 

Mr. and Mrs. Gray Wolf's first dance // Image by Emily Clack Photography

Toasts - Who doesn't love a good toast? We will be having toasts, but also being pretty strict about how many toasts there will be, and giving 3 minute time limits. 

Honeymoon - We have never been on vacation together, and will be leaving on our honeymoon a few days after the wedding. More on that another day. 

What We're Skipping
Not Staying Together the Night Before - Shocker, we live together. We're getting married at home and will be spending the night before the wedding together. I'd imagine the night before the wedding will involve a whole lot of last minute detail securing, so being able to just crawl into our bed will be practical too. 

The Traditional Rehearsal Dinner - We'll be doing stuff with our wedding party the days before the wedding, but those will likely include ordering some takeout and setting up. Mr. Narwhal had the fabulous idea of sharing breakfast as a replacement of the traditional rehearsal dinner. My momma owns a restaurant and we love going there for breakfast, so we'll be doing that instead! We'll do a run through of the ceremony with our party the night before.

Not Seeing Each Other the Day of the Wedding - Well, we're waking up next to each other... and since we're having our rehearsal breakfast the morning of the wedding, we'll definitely be seeing each other. After breakfast we'll part ways until later in the day. 

Not Seeing Each Other before the Ceremony - Since we're getting married in the evening, we're taking advantage of the time before the ceremony to get all of our photos taken. So, on top of loving first looks, it just makes more sense logistically.

Mr. and Mrs. Llama's first look // Image by Ashley Jane Photography
Altar - We aren't having a traditional altar for our wedding, we're using an old cabin on our property as the backdrop for our ceremony.

Ring Ceremony - I think this one might surprise a lot of people, but the ring ceremony doesn't really fit into the civil ceremony we're planning. At this point we're not sure where we're at with the ring for Mr. Narwhal. Up until a few weeks ago he didn't want a ring at all, and he has tossed around the idea of getting a ring tattoo on our Honeymoon. A wedding ring doesn't really make a lot of sense for Mr. Narwhal's lifestyle (particularly at work)*. If he decides to get a ring, it probably wouldn't be worn every day. For that reason, we don't want to put the symbolism of the ring ceremony into our rings. I promise that I will go into more detail on this one, once decisions have been made!  I'm definitely getting a wedding ring, that was an easy choice :) 

Traditional Timeline - As you know, we won't be having a traditional afternoon ceremony followed by a cocktail hour, dinner and dancing. We're getting married in the evening and just keeping with cocktails, (heavy) appetizers and dancing. 

Receiving Line - A receiving line doesn't really make sense or fit into our timeline. We're hoping that by not having a traditional timeline or dinner we'll be able to see and spend time with everyone at some point. 

Mr. and Mrs. Filly's receiving line // Image by Aleksy Photography
Cutting the Cake -  We're more of the cookie bar types. 

Garter Toss - Um, nope. Not happening.

Best Man - Mr. Narwhal didn't want to choose a best man. Instead the boys are having a rock paper scissors challenge before the ceremony to choose who gets to stand next to him. His brother will be signing for him. I'm still having a maid of honour and matron of honour. 

What We're Not Sure About
Something's - I'm not sure about this yet. It'll probably be a last minute decision. 

Veil - Not entirely sure about this one either. I'm still tossing around some ideas. 

Bouquet Toss - I personally indifferent about this one, and will leave the decision up to my bridesmaids. 

How are you fitting traditions into your wedding?

*This is fairly typical in my world. My dad works with his hands and I've never seen him wear a wedding ring in my entire life and Father and Momma Narwhal have been happily married for 33 years!

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