Wednesday, October 29, 2014

the quest for a photographer

Photography is a big one for most people when it comes to wedding planning. A lot of people place it as a number one on the wedding planning list, and for me, I am no different there. The pictures help the day live on and capture some of the greatest moments.

When it came to finding a photographer, I knew that it was going to be a big decision and something that was going to eat up a good chunk of our budget.

The important elements of a photographer for us included:
  • two is better than one
  • journalistic/documentary style 
  • focus on capture emotions 
  • unique style
  • emotionally moving photos (less stiff and posy) 
There are a ton of amazing photographers in Muskoka, and I did my share of searching. The thing is, even though we want to splurge on a photographer, our idea of splurging still was a little outside of our budget for our favourite Muskoka photographers.

A few months before we got engaged I had this idea that if I widened my search to include Toronto (where there would be a plethora of photographers available), I might be able to find somebody new to the industry still working on growing their company. I figured that the travel cost of two hours would likely still be less than what we were looking at locally. So I took to Kijiji and that's when I found isos photography.

All photos in this post are captured by isos photography.

They're a two girl team (hello two photographers!) that are just starting out in the wedding industry with fresh and fun style.

A few days after our engagement (read: one fun task off the hop), I emailed the ladies inquiring about rates. I was impressed by their speedy response and our communication. I was going on a business trip the next week and would be travelling out of Toronto airport, so when Joel picked me up at the end of the week, we set up a meet and greet.

We really liked the girls right away, and loved that they described themselves as documentary style photographers with an openness to suggestions and ideas.

They provided us with a copy of their contract and told us to be in touch once we meet up with other photographers.

The thing is, like I said, when I know, I know. The bonus was that not only did I know... Mr. Narwhal knew too! We were both excited to have some young and new photographers to work with and to have one big vendor figured out! So with only one photographer meet and greet, we hired them!

Our package with Lisa and Fulya includes:
  • two photographers
  • six hours of photography
  • one hour engagement session
  • unlimited photos 
  • edited, high resolution photos
  • usb flash drive
We're paying an additional $240.00 for travel (that includes travel to us for our engagement session and wedding) on their $1750.00 package. 

Did you find your photographer(s) right away?

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