Monday, June 15, 2015

The Trials

Much like engagement photos, I highly recommend getting a hair and makeup trial done. While it's not necessary, and could save some money in the budget, the peace of mind you get out of it is well worth it. Plus, who doesn't love to be pampered?

My cousin lives in the city, and is doing everyone's hair on the wedding day. I had to make a trip to Toronto in May to pick up MOH L for her bridal shower, and decided to take the day off and tie in a visit and hair trial before with my cousin.

You may recall from my hairspiration post that I've been struggling with keeping my hair long for the wedding. I began questioning my choice before my hair trial, heavily considering a chop before the big day. Since I am wearing a flower crown, I wanted to get something to help me visualize the flowers with my trial and purchased a headband from H&M that did the trick.

My biggest concern about my hair is that it never holds a curl. The trial more than anything was test how well my hair would hold the hair look I was going for, and seeing whether or not the chop was in my future.

The Inspiration
Image from Green Wedding Shoes // Image by Carl Zoch
Image from Green Wedding Shoes / Image by Jen Wojcik

Image from Brides / Image by Justin DeMutiis

The Result

She did my hair around noon and I was really impressed with how well the curls held up. The next photo was taken nearly nine hours later. 

I'm still not entirely sold on whether or not I'll keep my hair long for the wedding, but I think that will be a last month, last minute decision if I do. I love how my hair turned out and if the length stays as is, I plan on changing nothing.

As for the makeup trial, it could not have gone better. I planned to meet my makeup artist the morning of my shower. I shared my inspiration photo with her and let her go to town. It was definitely weird having someone do my makeup with no idea what I was going to look like until the very end.

The Inspiration

Inspiration from Ania Milczarczyk. Image from Ania's Instagram account.
The Result

The only difference between my trial makeup and wedding day is that I will have eyelash extensions done again.

Overall, trial success! I definitely can't lie, this level of pampering is something I'm really looking forward to sharing with all of my ladies on our wedding day!

Did you have successful trials before your wedding?

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