Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The One Where I Have the Best Bridesladies Ever

Now that we're past the heavy stuff, and letting go and moving on it's time to talk about how amazing my bridesladies are. I have been looking forward to this past weekend for a very long time. When it came to planning my shower, MOH Cass the queen of surprises asked me what I wanted in terms of knowing. While I know a total surprise shower would have been something she would have loved to have pulled off, I personally don't like surprises. I always somehow find out about them, and I've been to a surprise party or two where the person really would have liked to have known so they could you know, be a little prepared.

I wanted to be able to get my nails done, and schedule my make-up trial. So, the surprise compromise was that I could know the date and time, but nothing else. It was the perfect plan, because I enjoyed knowing absolutely nothing, and was really excited that the girls were all so excited about what they had come up with.

The day finally came, and they truly pulled off the most lovely shower. It was perfect. Words cannot even begin to describe how thankful I am, so I'm not going to even try. I'm just so incredibly blessed by the amazing women in my life.

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The theme? The One Where Miss Narwhal Gets Married. You may have noticed by now that I tend to throw a Friends reference into my posts quite frequently. When planning the theme of my shower MOH L suggested Friends, and since MOH Cass is probably the biggest Friends fan in the world (she has literally watched the series more times than anyone I know), it was the perfect shower for her to take the lead on planning.

The details and ideas they came up with were nothing short of incredible.

They transformed my Aunt and Uncle's house into a purple and yellow Friend's filled space. There were tissue flowers everywhere and love quotes from Friends framed all around the room.

The One with the Proposal - Part 2 / The One with the Prom Video

What's a Friends shower without Central Perk? They had a coffee station set up, and another station with Sangria, Lemonade and Water, featuring a love quote from Ross under the influence. :)

Featuring Phoebe's guitar!

The One Where Ross is Fine

The One at the Beach 
The food just blew me away. They thought of everything! Joey's meatball sub, Ross's Myyyyy sandwich (minus the moist maker), Nestlee Toulouse cookies, Rachel's English Trifle and Mama's Little Bakery Cheesecake that Rachel and Chandler ate off of the floor. I loved all of the thought they put into this. It really brought the theme to life! A huge thanks to my bridesladies, Aunts, Momma Narwhal and my Gramma for all of the amazing food.

The One with the Ride-Along

The One with Ross's Sandwich / The One Where Ross is Fine

The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work

The One with Phoebe's Cookies

The One Where Ross Got High

The Last One / The One with All the Cheesecakes

Mockolate Favours
BM Click and her sister made chocolate favours for everyone to take home. They were wickedly delicious and a huge hit with everyone!

The One with the List

They had Friends playing silently on a large screen, and so many other thoughtful details everywhere. They even had a large Christmas flower on standby just in case anyone had a Phoebe hummus moment (The One Where No One's Ready).

Next up we'll get to the actual shower!

Did you know about the theme of your bridal shower?

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