Monday, June 15, 2015

The One with the Shower

Part 1

I arrived at the shower before all of the guests so I could have a chance to greet everyone, and see everything before everyone got there. Even though the shower details were a surprise for me, I cannot recommend doing this enough. My nerves were flying pretty high when I got there and getting there half an hour early allowed me to settle in, get a drink and take a tour around to see all of the amazing and fun details before everything started.

As everyone arrived, I circulated the room visiting, while people ate the delicious food and socialized. After about an hour or so, the bridesladies got everyone to sit down for games and gift opening.

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BM Click, MOH L, MOH Cass, me, BM Mel, BM Megs

Friends Trivia 
Everyone received a sheet with ten Friends related multiple choice questions for everyone to answer.  A majority of the guests were familiar with Friends, and those who weren't were encouraged to make a guess. The person with the most correct won a gift prize. I personally got 8/10. The winner got 9!

Chandler BING-O
A common shower game, with a spin. Everyone received a Bingo sheet with Friends related words on them. MOH Cass pulled the words, and the first to have a line won a prize.

Three generations - Mamma Narwhal, me and Gramma Narwhal

Newly Wed Game
A couple nights before the shower, BM Mel called Mr. Narwhal to ask him newlywed game type questions. He had to answer questions directed towards both him and me. At the shower, I was put on the spot, having to guess what Mr. Narwhal answered, as well as answering the questions for myself. They kept score between mine and Mr. Narwhal's responses. Every time I got a question wrong, I had to chew a piece of Hubba Bubba gum. At first, I thought that the gum would be no problem, I was pretty confident I would get most questions right (which I definitely did not). This game was so fun, and everyone was laughing pretty hard at our answers. For fun, I thought I would share the questions and our responses.

Mr. Narwhal's Questions

What is your favourite TV show?
My answer: Sports or Walking Dead
His answer: That 70's Show - piece of gum for me

Who is your celebrity crush?
My answer: Patricia Arquette
His answer: Patricia Arquette - correct!

There is a bit of a story to this answer. Mr. Narwhal isn't very celebrity-oriented and it's pretty rare for him to talk about cute celebrities. We went to the movies to see Boyhood in the Fall, and for the first time ever, I heard Mr. Narwhal say, Patricia Arquette was super cute in the movie. I thought this was hilarious, and it has since become a joke between us. Everyone thought this response was pretty funny.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
My answer: I said something like not putting lids on properly (which I have been known to do).
His answer: Messy kitchen/clutter - piece of gum for me

What was the name of your first pet?
My answer: I had no idea.
His answer: Corky and Candy - piece of gum for me

If you could throw out one piece of Amy's wardrobe what would you choose?
My answer: My white sandals from Belgium
His answer: White sandals from Europe trip - correct! Poor sandals :(

What's the one thing (besides Miss Narwhal, Nelson and Vada) that you would save in a fire?
My answer: I thought long about this one because he doesn't really have any cherished possessions and settled on the camera
His answer: Our camera - correct!

What is Miss Narwhal's most annoying habit?
My answer: My messiness
His answer: Hogging the bed - piece of gum for me... I should have known this one!

What is your favourite physical feature on Miss Narwhal?
My answer: My eyes
His answer: Eyes and dimples - correct!

If you won $1 million, what is the first thing you would buy/spend it on?
My answer: The property beside ours
His answer: Give to friend and family in need - piece of gum for me

What colour is Mr. Narwhal's toothbrush?
My answer: Blue
His answer: Blue - correct!

What flavour of ice cream will Mr. Narwhal order?
My answer: Chocolate chip cookie dough
His answer: Chocolate chip cookie dough  - correct!

That's six correct and five pieces of gum for me.

My Questions:
What is Miss Narwhal's biggest fear?
My answer: Snakes
His answer: Snakes - correct!

What super power would Miss Narwhal like to have?
My answer: Teleportation
His answer: Snap fingers and kitchen is clean - incorrect! Although, this would truly be amazing!

What is "your song"?
My answer: We have so many songs, but settled on The Girl - City and Colour
His answer: Good Rain - Trevor Hall. I agreed this was more accurate  and added a piece of gum to the mix.

What is your most prized possession?
My answer: My dimes
His answer: Memories of her brother/family - we gave him the point because the dimes are related to my brother.

What is Mr. Narwhal's most annoying habit?
My answer: Taking forever to get ready
His answer: My teasing - incorrect!

Who would play you in a role of you in the movie of your life?
My answer: Tough question, but I picked Rachel McAdams
His answer: While laughing, Patricia Arquette - incorrect!

What is your pet name for Mr. Narwhal?
My answer: Babe
His answer: Babe - correct!

Mr. Narwhal got three points.

The questions were a bit skewed in my favour, since I had more to answer, but I did win with a mouth full of gum! The prize? The Geller cup of course.

The shower was such a fun day! There were about 25-30 people in attendance and it was so great to see everyone. After we finished opening the gifts, we enjoyed the sunshine on the deck and socializing with friends and family.

As a small thank-you to all of my bridesladies for all of their hard work they put into organizing my shower, I got them each a body scrub from a local soap shop. I'm so grateful to have all of these girls in my life.

What games did you play at your shower?

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