Thursday, June 18, 2015

planning for marriage - the name changer

Throughout our engagement, I mentioned my desire to share different aspects of how we're preparing ourselves for marriage versus just preparing for the wedding. I really wanted to share my thoughts on the whole name changing business. It's a common topic on the Weddingbee, but I have appreciated reading others tales in the name changing business, that I wanted to chime in with my story as well.

I'm changing my name and really, I could say I've always known it would be something I would do, and call it day... but as it turns out, there is more to the story.  Before I go further, I want to note that this isn't to say I disagree with women doing anything different, this is just what works for me, and our situation.

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Growing up with an eleven letter last name nobody can pronounce is so much fun (#sarcasm). Whenever the phone rings for me from any company, there is always a long pause before someone swallows and spits out some awful rendition of my name. Teachers never got it right. New friends always giggle when I tell them how it's really said. While there is certainly more reasoning behind why I will take on my husband's last name, I always joked that I couldn't wait to have a new last name. It will just be so much easier becoming a Jones. You would have to try really hard to mispronounce one of the most common last names in North America.

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The thing is, when you get married at 27, you've had your name for awhile. It's who you are. Your identity. And while I thought I would keep my good riddance mentality of the name change, as I approach the reality, it turns out it's going to be a tad bit more difficult than I thought. My stand out name is about to blend in with many and it's going to take some adjusting. I have an established career with a recognizable name, and I'm about to become somebody else. I certainly have the option to keep my name professionally, but I just don't want to complicate things.

Difficulties aside, there really is only one option for me, and that's taking on Mr. Narwhal's name. Even though it will be an adjustment, the reason behind the name change is to become a unit and a family. I would like to share a last name with my children. I want to be the Joneses. To me, that is more important that keeping a professional name or my own last name. My maiden name will still be part of who I am and my history, but I'm ready for the new chapter of marriage with Mr. Narwhal.

This guy and I will finally have the same last name ;)

After our honeymoon, I'll move onto the process of changing my name, and while it'll take some getting used to, more than anything I'm pretty excited about it!

Do you plan to/did you change your name?

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