Friday, November 14, 2014

dress shopping adventures - preparation

The date for dress shopping in Toronto was set months before the day. Knowing that the recommendation is to keep the group size (i.e., opinions) to a minimum I did my best to keep my entourage small. I invited Momma Narwhal, Gramma Narwhal, MOH Cass, MOH L and BM Click.

As a hippie at heart, I had my heart set on a bohemian feeling, soft, romantic dress. Many months before engagement ever happened, I had my heart set on Grace Loves Lace. I was in love with their dresses (well, still am). In my mind, they captured the perfect balance of boho and romance.

emme-waisted beauty // Image from Grace Loves Lace

Since Grace Loves Lace can only be ordered online, I went on a mission to find myself a similar shop that I could achieve this look and feel elsewhere. I knew that I wouldn't be able to handle the stress of waiting for a gown in the mail never having tried it on before.

Colette //Image from Grace Loves Lace

So, I went to trusty Google to find places to shop in Toronto. I landed on Sash and Bustle with a similar look and feel and made an early day appointment. Then, I made an appointment for later that day at David's Bridal.

Image from Truvelle - Vancouver designer carried by S&B - Natalie dress

The method to my madness was that Sash and Bustle would help confirm whether I should order a dress from Grace Loves Lace in the event that I was unable to find something. David's Bridal was more appropriately in my price range, a place with a huge selection of gowns, and a variety of sizes to try on (something that I certainly appreciated).

some David's inspiration //Image from Cap Sleeve Gown with Scalloped Detail Bodice David's Bridal

As the day approached, my nervous excitement grew. I was nervous about trying being successful in finding something since I was so in love with Grace Loves Lace and also about trying on dresses and feeling good about my body (just being real). I was obviously excited for the experience surrounded by some of my most favourite ladies and that day where I finally got to feel like a bride and try on wedding dresses had finally arrived!!

Stay tuned for the recaps of my dress shopping adventures, and yes, I have a lot of photos!

How did you prepare for dress shopping?

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