Sunday, December 6, 2015

'Whals in the Woods: Recess and Receive

And so with that, we were married! Our officiant Johnny announced us and one of our most favourite songs ever (Good Rain by Trevor Hall) came on as we all walked down the aisle with ginormous smiles on our faces.

In the few weeks leading up to the wedding I was starting to have some lay awake at night worries that I wouldn't get a chance to visit with everyone. I didn't want to feel like I had to be in eight places at once or worry that somebody had left before I ever got a chance to thank them for coming. So, we talked it over, I consulted other bees, and we decided to do a receiving line. Receiving lines can eat up time, but thanks to Mrs. Sword's super useful post, we were able to say hello to everyone in record timing (seriously less than 15 minutes). This was one of my favourite moments of the day! Guests walked past us to get to the food and drinks, and after saying hello to everyone, we grabbed a few pictures.

A teeny small regret of mine is that both of our photographers came with us afterwards, and I kind of wish we had asked one of them to stay and take pictures of the guests enjoying the food tent and getting drinks.

After grabbing a few pictures, it was time for us to jump into the reception!

All photos captured by Isos Photography 

Next, we get the reception started!

Miss something?

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