Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Narwhal Ring Process - Part 1

We have somehow managed to be quite the procrastinators in several areas of wedding planning, and our ring design was one of them. You may recall that Mr. Narwhal went down the custom path with the design of my moissanite branch engagement ring last summer from Danielle Goulet Jewelry Design. There was no question that when it came time for a wedding band that my ring would be made by Dee again.

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The part that we were unsure about for awhile was whether or not Mr. Narwhal would have a ring. From the beginning he has voiced that he didn't want a ring, and particularly noted that he can't wear one at work. While the idea of him not wearing a ring bummed me out initially, once we decided to go down another route for our ceremony I was completely okay with his decision. My parents have been married for 35 years, and my dad has never worn his ring. With the whole "With this ring I thee wed..." business out of the way, I was open to Mr. Narwhal exploring whatever option he felt comfortable with. I did however sentimentally note that there is just something about a guy wearing a wedding ring that warms my heart. 

Well, I guess that comment pulled at Mr. Narwhal's heart strings because eventually he started talking about what he wanted his ring to look like, and fast forward to us being entrenched in the process of designing two rings! 

My Ring
My ring was sort of a no brainer. I wanted it to match and fit into my engagement ring. The only request I had was for the band to be slightly thicker (1.5 times) than my engagement ring.  I wanted to be able to see more of the branch design on the band, and I wanted the band to have a stand alone size for the times I chose to only wear my wedding band. 

Last week, we got photos of our wax molds, and this week the actual rings are being made! Dee made a few refinements to my band (the curve in the branch was going to be shaved down a bit). I was able to try on the mold when I picked up my ring* as well and I'm so excited to be able to wear them as a set! 

Image courtesy of Danielle Goulet Jewelry Design

Mr. Narwhal's Ring
We talked about a lot of design options for Mr. Narwhal, and from forest tree lines and a masculine version of my own and we landed on a happy medium. I love the design Dee came up with (as does Mr. Narwhal!). His ring will be a rough yellow gold with some black coming through in the bark elements. 

Oh how I can't wait to see this beauty on his hand. 

Image courtesy from Danielle Goulet Jewelry Design

Did you go the custom route with your wedding bands? 

*Dee needed to borrow it to ensure the mould matched my ring.

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