Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Month Of

Holy hannah you guys. We're getting married this month.

This month.

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I move through waves of disbelief, excitement and panic over our painfully long to do list. Mr. Narwhal would tell you he is constantly worried over how much is left to be done.

Last weekend I decided to allow myself to have one weekend of the summer to escape and forget about the wedding at our annual family reunion. It was our 17th annual reunion and as one of the few members of the family with an impeccable record I prioritized making it happen. So worth it.

I mean...

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BM Megs, BMan TLW and me / The glorious view 

Mr. Narwhal stayed home and worked on some of the final preps up at the wedding spot because he leaves tomorrow on his four day Bachelor party/camping trip. I'm so excited for him to get away and relax, because last weekend was so good for my soul. I feel recharged and ready to make it through this final stretch of preparations.

The last time I gave you all a list of all the things we were working on was four months ago! There was still snow! Disbelief. Utter disbelief.

So, what does the list look like now?

Signs and Photo Blocks
I'm working on finalizing a few signs and am in the final stretch of finishing our wood photo blocks. Let me tell you, procrastination is not your friend in wedding planning. Those wood photo blocks have become the bane of my existence. I just started another 20 photos, and I can't wait for those suckers to be done. Big thanks in advance to BM Mel for coming to help me finish them this weekend!

Signs / Endless paper peeling

Chairs and Benches
The front row (parents and grandparents) at our ceremony will be a collection of random chairs. I've found ten, and have one more left for the signing of our marriage license. For the remainder of our guests we've been working on building benches from old barn wood on our property. I'm not going to lie, I have visions of us sanding and putting together benches the week of the wedding.

I just dropped off my engagement ring with our jeweller, and she's just finishing up the design of Mr. Narwhal's ring and starting mine this week. I'm so excited to see how they turn out! This will have a post of it's own in the near future.

Jars Jars Jars
We have around 500 candles, and a massive collection of jars. People have been giving us jars for months and I've been putting them in the basement. For the last month or so, I pull up a box at a time to clean. I cannot describe the excitement I have over how the forest will look lit up with candles everywhere. Insert heart face.

Jars on jars on jars

Ceremony Finalization
We're meeting with our officiant this week and finalized our ceremony draft. I am so happy to have that task off of the list.

Random Projects
Before we left for the cottage last weekend, my aunt came over to help me with a little project restoring this old desk for our signing. I honestly cannot believe that it's the same piece of furniture.

Before / After

The Final Stretch of Outdoor Preparations
We're so close here, the ceremony spot is basically done, the reception area has a bit more work and we have some more bush clean up and tree pruning left to complete. This all should be done in the next week or so. While Mr. Narwhal is away I have lots of help coming. I can't wait to show him what we accomplished when he's back on Sunday night!

Momma Narwhal about a month ago working away on the clean-up*

Lists and More Lists
Working on finalizing lists and schedules is high on the priority list. Final week schedule, day of schedule, day of coordinator list, must have photo list, playlists and to do lists. There's a lot of organizing to be done in the final stretch, but we're getting there!

While we certainly have a lot left to do, it's all coming together. More than anything, at this point I'm just excited to get married and share our day with loved ones. Saying goodbye to my family on Monday morning and saying, "See you in a few weeks at the wedding!" just feels so so weird. I cannot believe the day is almost here!

What did you final month list look like? 

*She's wearing a leaf blower, just in case anyone was confused!

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