Friday, September 25, 2015

My Cabin Bachelorette

I am not a typical Bachelorette person. They're just not my thing. Both Mr. Narwhal and I wanted to have a carefree outing with our friends before our wedding, and while this would be typically considered as a bachelorette/bachelor party - we were pretty adamant on them not becoming a big deal or a costly imposition. This isn't to say that we have something against people choosing to do this, but because of how we felt about them, we didn't want it to become a big deal for our wedding party, when our goal was to just spend time with them.

Mr. Narwhal and his wedding party went on a four day intense camping trip three weeks before the wedding. They had an absolute blast, and GM Duffy even flew from B.C. to surprise Mr. Narwhal the morning they left. All I know about the trip is that the portages were extreme, the weather was unreal, they heard wolves howling several nights and had way too much fun.

For my party, we were at a bit of a loss at first. All I knew was that I wanted something simple that didn't involve penis paraphernalia or going to the bar. We had a little bit of an issue figuring out a location, so I suggested that it would just be much easier/simpler/inexpensive to host it at my family cabin on the river. Summers are busy, and two weeks out from the wedding I made it clear to everyone that there would be no hard feelings to anyone that could not make the trip to be part of our girls night. I just wanted an old school girls night sleepover with a day in the sun, followed by a bonfire and late night girl talk.

Our group was small, but the night was perfect and exactly what I wanted (and needed two weeks before the wedding).

We ate great food, got our nails done, drank mimosas, played games (including a custom Scattergories game!), went for a late night swim, had a bonfire, sparklers and stayed up late talking under the stars. And really, because it truly was that simple, the photos can do the talking on this one.

All photos personal.

My favourite game, customized to us :)

Much love to my amazing wedding party for putting together this amazing night to celebrate. It was perfect.

Did you opt for a low-key bachelorette?

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