Monday, July 20, 2015

Conflicted Planner

As we get closer and closer (and closer) to our big day, I have been experiencing this weird dichotomy of feelings. Not only am I crazy stupid excited, grateful and full hearted over the whole thing, I'm also crazy stupid stressed, resentful and tired.

While I'm doing my best to let the positive win out, I figured it was worthy of a post, because I think it's a common almost there feeling for brides and grooms.

You see, Mr. Narwhal and I planned to do this entire thing at our home because we didn't want our wedding to become this big whole thing. We didn't want it to be some money sucking crazy bigger than us event. Lots of people get married, and we just wanted to throw an awesome party on our property with all our closest friends and family members to celebrate our love and get married while we're at it. We wanted to find balance between the parts of weddings we love and do things that we felt connected to. It's always been about feeling connected to everything we do. This day will literally a result of our love, sweat and tears.

The problem with doing things yourself and creating a day to represent you from scratch? It's still expensive, and every dollar you save, a minute you spend.*

Our wedding has become our summer.

All photos personal

Mr. Narwhal, Nelson and my dad (not shown) working hard a few weeks ago

The to do list runs long, and while the light at the end of this planning tunnel is finally visible (that's tomorrow's post), we still have so much to do!

Creating your own venue in your own backyard (forest) is a lot of work. Mr. Narwhal and I are feeling the drag of missing out on normal summer festivities and I haven't even been swimming yet this year. I live in the land of lakes people, this is unacceptable!

A couple weeks ago, we played hookie for our weekly baseball game, and went for a long canoe ride together and decided we needed to make time for us and our summer. We decided to make it a weekly priority (which was sadly rained out last week!), so we could reconnect, destress and just forget everything but the water and beauty surrounding us.

We know that this time sucking event we're creating is going to be beautiful and lovely and the best day of our lives. As I walk through our little forest my soul is instantly at peace, and I know what we're doing is worthwhile, and worth the summer of crazy nonstop wedding preparations.

It doesn't get better than this

Did you experience some resentment towards your wedding as you got closer? What did you do to refocus?

*Obviously not an accurate conversion ;)

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