Monday, July 20, 2015

More Than a Day

While I have been feeling a general sense of being over our wedding, and just being ready for the next chapter of our life, one sense that has themed the last few months of our lives, is that this whole wedding planning thing is about so much more than one day.

The support we have received and the amount of help from our wedding party, friends and family along the way has just continued to fill my heart with love and gratitude throughout this season of our lives. From the Stag and Doe, my shower and to people showing up to help us work on the property, I'm continually amazed by how much has been done for us.

This past weekend BM Mel planned something incredible. With the help of GM Coach, GM D, GM T and her boyfriend GM JB they arranged a day with a tractor and six hockey players to take our wedding spot from a lot left to not much left. It was so great for some of kids GM Coach and Mr. Narwhal coached last year come and surprise Mr. Narwhal with their help.

All photos personal.

The end is finally in sight up there. What's left is one more load of sand,* a day with a machine and some prettying up.

So what's it looking like after Sunday afternoon?

Ceremony Spot
Looking out from the cabin, the ceremony spot is ready to be packed down and have benches set up (which we're still building).

The Trail
The trail is cleaned up, we have two fire pits created and a wood stack photo spot.

Walking towards the reception area with two fire pits on either side of the path.

Firepit #1 - thanks to GM JB and GM T

Firepit #2 - thanks to GM Coach

A wood stack photo spot - Note: This is morning light creating a shadow

Reception Area
The clearing for the reception area is nearly ready (with one more load of sand, packing down and a big big bonfire left). We're also planning (in the non-rain plan) to set our band up on the corner there outside of the tent.

The band spot and reception area

Looking up to the trail/band spot on the left and reception area. 
This whole thing is really coming together and happening very soon.

Did you take on a big landscape job in your wedding planning journey? No? Just us? 

*We have decided to have packed sand for a surface after months of landscaping. It suits the space, as grass wouldn't likely grow well in the area without access to water, and it leaves us a blank slate to work with after the wedding. 

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