Monday, May 11, 2015

Suiting up the Beard

I mentioned in my last post that the tables have turned in wedding preparations, and Mr. Narwhal has taken over in many respects of making sure this whole wedding thing happens.

As planned, we had several loads of fill* delivered over the weekend. It was super hot on Friday and Saturday and Mr. Narwhal was busy up at the wedding spot working away (thanks to some help from GM D). On Sunday it was going to be a rainy day so we finally prioritized getting out of town to suit shop.

Stopping for cookies on the drive 

We decided to head north to North Bay and hit up the last day of one of Moore's infamous 2 for 1 suit sales. While Mr. Narwhal has his fair share of dress clothes, this was actually his first suit purchase. It worked out well being able to get two suits, since we will have many weddings to attend in the years to come (the life of a late 20-something).

While his suit cost more than my dress, and is the other most important outfit of the wedding day, there isn't a whole lot to discuss in this chapter of wedding planning. Mr. Narwhal chose a navy Calvin Klein suit, and we were out of the store within an hour (his second suit was a grey Alfred Sung). It fits perfectly, and only needs a hem in the pant (which we decided to wait on, since he still needs to find his shoes).

All the heart eyes. 
We still need to decide on his tie and shirt, but at this point we're ready to let all of the groomsmen know they can purchase some navy pants and a white shirt for their ensemble.

If only my dress shopping had been this easy!

Did you rent or buy your fiances suit?

*Basically this is random dirt from a pit, it includes a mix of sand, dirt and rocks. This is good for levelling out an area because the different sized dirt (and rocks) help ensure there will be good drainage. The more you know!

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