Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Go Time

The snow is gone, the leaves are finally coming out, and Mr. Narwhal has just been promoted from advisory wedding planning role to the guy that this whole wedding is dependent on. Up until this point, a lot of our planning has been... planning. Getting ready. Preparing.

Well now? It's go time. Particularly for Mr. Narwhal.

Spring clean-up is in full swing, and this includes the wedding spot, because a whole lot of stuff needs to happen in the next three and a half months.

Because right now, it's a blank brown slate.

I've shown pictures of our property before, but I thought it was a good idea to show you what we're facing currently. Three and a half months out. Anyone have a spare paper bag?

First let's start with a little diagram of where the whole thing is going down. Yes I got a little carried away in Photoshop.

The Ceremony Space
The ceremony space is in front of the old cabin on our property. Basically we're just going to clean this area up, make a bunch of benches, have candles everywhere and call it a day. Mr. Narwhal might gasp a bit by stating a drive by statement of "clean this area up" since there is a lot of work involved in that. The previous owner was a very old man that kind of believed in old school trash dumping, and there are a lot of mysterious garbage piles in this area. There are also quite a few trees that need to be pruned, and the space needs more levelling. We're pretty sure we're going to put wood chips down here, as grassing it will be difficult as it's quite shaded. So yes, "clean this area up" involves a lot more work than my stick picking duty.  

Walking up from our backyard (currently):

The current view from the back of the ceremony area:

The current view from the cabin perspective:

Walking towards the tent area (currently):

Nelson's favourite place to be

The Tent Area
This area needs the most work. First up, this weekend we are having four truck loads of fill delivered to level the area out (many thanks to GM Coach for coordinating that). Afterwards, we'll remeasure to ensure enough space for the tent, bring in some soil, and sod the area. We also need to do some planting to pretty up the area, and more clean up. Right now this area gives me a mix of stress (over all of the work to be done) and excitement when I look at it.

The current view walking down from the trail:

Note: the path in the distance is not our property. Our property line ends around the boulders at the back. 
 The current view looking down the second driveway:

The current view looking back towards the trail/ceremony space:

So, yup. Go time.

We've tried to set a budget of about $1000.00 in landscaping costs. We know a lot of people in the business, and have a ton of connections, so this is entirely doable and the fact that this money is going fully towards improving our property helps me sleep at night. I am so excited to see the progress we can make in the next couple of months.

Has your wedding planning involved any landscaping?

Final note: I wanted to add that this is a little bit of a hilly area, and we're looking into fixing up an old golf cart we have in the family to assist our older relatives to the ceremony space. 

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