Thursday, April 9, 2015

What Things Look Like 5 Months Out

We are less than five months out from our wedding day, and rapidly approaching double digits. After hitting the six month mark, things started to feel very real, and my long mental to do list started to have a little bit more urgency than it had before. We're in this weird state of limbo, where there is much to be done, but little that can be done right now. We still have a lot of snow and that sort of impedes things a bit.

So, what sort of things are on the list right now, with less than five months to go?

We have all of our invitations and envelopes, sans details card. The details card is basically drafted but needs a few key details added first. We had to finish figuring out our room block (more on that next week) and now that that is done we have to secure our shuttle bus pick up information (waiting on a call back). After that, I can order the final piece of the puzzle and get ready to assemble and mail out in late May/early June.

DIY Project Time
Before the snow melts, and we get busy doing the outside prep, I have to finish up my tree block photo project, wedding belt and favours, so the indoor projects can be off my plate.

Photos in Image by Isos Photography / Personal Photo

Random Vendor Sorting Out 
I need to do a lot of vendor sorting right now. This involves things like finding a seamstress, getting the toilet vendor confirmed, securing the shuttle, connecting with our other rental vendor and booking  my makeup trial.

Shopping and Spending
I finally got my hands on a couple white dresses for upcoming festivities, we're going MOB dress shopping in a couple of weeks and I seem to be making random little purchases on the regular. Recent purchases include cute invitation stickers, thank-you cards, part of my bridesmaid gifts, a return address stamp and labels for our favours.

Mini Heart Stickers / Etsy shop: studiotreatsbynaomi 

Mr. Narwhal's List
Mr. Narwhal has been a sounding board and opinion giver up until this point, but with Spring and warm weather on its way (hopefully) his list is about to grow. This involves bench building (for the ceremony), Spring clean-up, landscaping and lots of tree pruning.

The snow has to go! / Personal Photo 

And the best part of five months out planning? A surprise trip to Florida from MOH Cass and her parents (my aunt and uncle)! Instead of a bridal shower gift, they graciously offered to fly me to their house in Florida for Easter to have a little mini-celebration in honour of everything to come. Mr. Narwhal missed out on the sunshine, but was oh so sweet and supportive of the trip.

Wedding planning perks sometimes involve palm trees / Personal photo

What does your wedding planning to do list look like right now?

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