Tuesday, September 23, 2014

our proposal

I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for proposal stories. There is something so special about a man asking you to be his forever. Today, I'd like to share our proposal story.

The waiting period of our relationship made me feel slightly crazy at times. It felt like it was never going to happen, even though I knew it was coming. I definitely had waiting fever, it started a year before our proposal when Mr. Narwhal asked what I wanted my ring to look like. Near the end, the clues and hints started to come together and I began feeling really close to the proposal. I was definitely analyzing Mr. Narwhal's every move.

A few days before our proposal Mr. Narwhal informed me that he had to wait another week to put some money into our joint account and I was on high alert. The next morning he went into town to get a shirt for a wedding reception that evening and when I offered to go with him, he said he was going to go alone. When he was gone for hours, I became suspicious, but he acted so normal when he got home I just kept talking myself down thinking I was being crazy.

Later in the day he nonchalantly asked if we wanted to go hang out at my family cabin the next day (which would be Sunday). Our family cabin is a special place to me, and in our relationship. We had one of our most important talks before our relationship began there, and spent a ton of time there in the beginning of our relationship. I thought it might be happening, but it was supposed to be hot and we usually like to be adventurous on weekends, so it wasn't out of the ordinary (again, talking myself down).

He then pulled a swift one on me by totally Chandlering up the situation when we were discussing all of the recent engagements and made it seem like we definitely wouldn't be getting married the next summer. It totally worked because I was off his trail.

On Sunday morning we woke up and went out for breakfast with my dad and then just the two of us headed to the cabin. I was kind of convinced at this point that it wasn’t going to happen, and so I was pretty calm and relaxed.

When we got to the cabin he put on some music (my favourite artist Trevor Hall which Mr. Narwhal gets big points for) and after letting Nelson swim for awhile he suggested we lay on a blanket on the grass in the sunshine (something we love to do).

personal photo // at the cabin 

Now for a little backstory: 

When we first met, he used to write me poems all the time. They were the sweetest little rhymes that would make my heart explode! Words of affirmation are my love language, so poems make this hopeless romantics oh so happy.

For my previous birthday all I wanted was a poem*.  He ended up writing me a poem in my birthday card, which was more humorous than the poems I was used to. In the following months, I kept asking for a new poem, something really romantic. Many months went by with no poem, and he kept saying that maybe it was because my next poem would be extra special.

So as I was getting comfortable on the blanket, he told me he had written me a poem the other night. He came and sat with me while I read it. At this point I definitely knew it was happening! Once I got to the word ring in the poem, I looked up. Mr. Narwhal was crying and asked me to marry him. I think that moment might be the best moment of my entire life.

I remember thinking "Why am I not crying?" so I don’t really remember what I said (something along the lines of yes/of course I love you). He handed me the box with my beautiful ring and we were officially engaged! The amount of work he put into the making of the ring amazes me (which I will share the details on in my next post).

After sharing that moment, I finally finished reading the poem (since I had looked up in the final lines). I was definitely in some sort of excited shock, I couldn't believe it actually happened!  We also realized later that it was exactly two years to the day that we had our important talk at the cabin before we started dating.

personal photos // post-engagement photos 
Every time I think about our proposal story my heart explodes. I framed the poem and our photo the next day to go in our bedroom. I love to be reminded continually about the beginning of our engagement and that amazing day.

Did you know your proposal was coming?

*He also got me Kings of Leon tickets, which was an amazing concert!

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